5 pm: Montreeeeaaal!!!

greg proops, colin mochrie and ryan stiles onstage at JFL

Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles onstage at JFL. No flash means foogy snaps

I arrive at 5 pm and start practicing my French in the cab to the Bed & Breakfast (at $70 night vs. $189 for an ‘Industry Rate’ at the festival site Hyatt, I’ll take my St Urbain B&B and the 6 minute walk). The driver is impressed, although then French is a 2nd (5th?) language for him too. But I’m confident that if he were a hot  Quebecois in a national Arts Funding position, I would have scored large…. and got a grant too. WHOOaa—hahaaa-eeee!!!


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