A little problem with capitalism*


*title of an article by somebuddy else.


I read a great article in The Star yesterday. I still get the hard copy delivered, cause sitting on the porch and reading it is one of the few things that still manages to keep me away from this damned computer. A curse upon ye, foul binary vortex!

This guy Thomas Walkom publishes twice a week, and I find him generally pretty wise. Don’t you love wise people? Anyway, this is as succinct a survey of the current “I don’t even want to think about it” state of world economics as I’ve seen. And for a comedy video producer, I’ve been reading lots. Mostly boggles this mind, but I still choose courage over fear. At least I’m trying.

I don’t get why nobody is saying “Fuck “bailout”, for $700 billion, we OWN this shit now”. Unless of course it’s because governmental involvement in the ‘free market‘ is a bad thing. Hmmmm….



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