About Us

You and Media is a creative production company that has been operating in and around Toronto since 1998. In that time, the company has produced award-winning comedy films, DVDs & socially innovative web series. We have also developed very successful ‘Improv’ & team-building programs for groups as diverse as mentally challenged adults and corporate think tanks.

The company draws on the amazing and wide range of talent in Toronto on a project by project basis. We hire the best people available for each specific project we tackle.

Creative Director Brian G. Smith is a producer, writer and film maker specializing in comedy. An award-winning alumnus of The Second City, Brian has created television, theatre and multi-media in Canada and the Caribbean.

Technical Director Bryson Winchester takes care of all the technical requirements of running a Creative Video Solutions company.  Raised in a military family & trained at Humber College in Technical Theatre, Bryson can fix or ‘make happen’ many different things. He also currently works as a stage manager for ‘I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble’ and the ‘Pax Christi Chorale’, as well as working for the WholeNote magazine as their systems and website manager. He likes stuff.


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