Almost Tragic (documentary rejects)


'almost tragic' sam earle

Been looking around for acting work I’ve done, so that I can put together a reel for myself. Joined ACTRA again and need to get it out there!

Found this version of a short I directed and acted in from 2006. It won first prize in MOC DOCS, a 5 year program that began as an idea to use comedy short subjects to play before the HOT DOCS features at that festival. Other actors featured here are Dale Boyer (now on Second City mainstage) and Sam Earle (now the dreamboat on ‘Degrassi: Next Generation’).

It still plays pretty well, but what was I thinking with that haircut?!?! Written and produced by David Oppenheim.


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  1. Emiko says:

    איך עושים את זה?עדכנתי וזה לא מראה לי..(יש לי SGS2 )משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה) 13 באוגוסט 2012, 14:27 גם לי אין כלום htc one xאיש אכזרי 13 באוגוסט 2012, 15:28 יש מצב שיש לך windows8 ?רועי &#8226 13 באוגוסט 2012, 16:07 כן יש לי WIN8

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