‘America Wakes Up’ at The Bloor Cinema


A fun time was had by all. NOW presents \’America Votes\’ at The Bloor Cinema

The Bloor was waaaaay sold out and when Obama was declared at 11 pm, the roof came off.

I did my best to fill the CNN commerical time with onstage schtick ( gave away a bunch of NOW and Bloor swag with our trivia contest). And the oldĀ TV commercials & political propoganda shorts I put together went over huge! I also included some of my own mashups: Chevrogay.

The Bloor sold almost 1,000 new memberships, and I was glad to help with that. They are a family run business that have kept at it when many wouldn’t.

So here’s to the new USA uberstar, and hoping that a great vibe can translate into real change down there.


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