Andre Meets Clive


This video was a real gas to make. After one idea bit the dust due to ‘acting and ACTRA‘ issues, we (Paul Shoebridge (camera), Dylan Reibling (AD) and moi) came up with a great premise. Take a ‘little person‘ to the show and have him crash backstage and call them on Marty’s gut busting ‘Clive the primordial dwarf’ scene. Actually I think it was Paul’s idea, but I can’t be sure.

We contacted Andre Arruda and as fate would have it, he and Marty are good chums; the scene was loosely based on him. Sweeeeet. We shot this backstage in two hours on a thurs aft. I had a beat sheet with 10 ideas, and the cast improvised some great ‘yes ands’ in the spirit of. I love Marty Adams‘s work and the whole cast gave great understated acting moments. I went for ‘The Office‘ vibe and got it in spades. I wish we’d had more time to light it better, but what else is new.


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