Eli Malinsky The Centre for Social Innovation http://www.socialinnovation.ca

We catalyze and support social innovation internationally. Creating community workspaces, incubate emerging enterprises, and develop new methods with world-changing potential.

Simon Ibell     IBelieve Foundation http://www.ibellieve.com

MPS II Hunter Syndrome research, building of a hospital facility as well as
awareness and advocacy for all rare diseases worldwide.

Revercell Nutrition        Briana Southward

Revercell Nutrition provides the tools and support necessary for clients to reverse disease by bringing the body back to optimal health using therapeutic lifestyle changes.


4 Responses

  1. Adil Dhalla says:

    Given that this was live streamed, I’m blown away by the production quality of this. Great work.

  2. melissa says:

    this looks amazing! great quality. love the subtitles. you guys done it right.

  3. John Charles says:

    Matching coffee cups, a table cloth, and the colour yellow missing WHAT A FUCKING GREAT INTERVIEW! I enjoyed watching it, completely unaware of its initial content, got very excited about the idea. I’ll have to come by for a visit soon.

  4. Robert Huff says:

    Fantastic opportunity available to all. Well done.

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