NOW Tube #1: The Mixed Martial Artist

Click image to play video.

Click on the image to play video.

Almost an all-nighter, but it’s done. ish. I’d love another day to tweak (or another $500 to get somebody else to do it- mixing audio is not where my strengths lie), but I delivered it to josh at 1:30 this morn. When he said I could have till thurs morn to get it in, I decided to rework a couple of sections that were bugging me. Audio is so important to making the picture work. I should take a course on mixing (and ‘proper’ video editing technique, and ‘After Effects’, and cooking). But I’m happy with it, and Barrett Hooper, the NOW boy wonder who talked them into letting his huge article be the cover lead article, apparently laughed out loud when he saw it. Thank-you, thank-you very much. The comedy mo-jo has entered the building. ish.


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