‘Live from the CenTre’ at Quebec Film Fest


Animal Literacy Group [LFTC EP 10] is going to Documenteur; a mockumentary film fest in Northern Quebec next month. I’ll say that again: a film festival dedicated only to mockumentaries, in Northern Quebec. I’ve been to the fest twice and it’s a real gas [Chère won first prize a couple of years back]. Hooray for Hollywoodland!

Documenteur 'Total Crap' sceening


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  1. Going to Quebec is a little bit like visiting Europe. Going to Northern Quebec is even Europier.

  2. This film festival captures the whole town’s attention for 5 days. All screenings are sold out, and merchants sell a lot of stuff. And not just syrup, which is what I traditionally take home. And a windbreaker. And this chair.

  3. Mhal says:

    香港地 老實講 香港所謂電影業 只係由一班黑社會 + 爛鬼 + 古惑仔 + 爛演員 ( 只有小部分係好 ) + 代言人識撈快錢文化 而結合既垃圾 Fusion 你睇下班偽人 日日拍丸 夜遊人 口爆 Line 西既潮童 日日扮道德超人 古巨基 同我一樣咁大架喇 ( 我指年紀~) 仲日日扮天真無牙 Feel ….傻傻下咁既眼神…PS : 其實我係慣左 我寫野唔駛點唸 腦裡自己一路講野 一路 prsneet 出o黎咁解 自從學左 [ 狗荒 ] 輸入法後 就幾乎腦唸同 prsneet 同步喇 多謝錯愛

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