Cute dog huh?

Cute dog huh?

CDN Green party leader Elizabeth May is suing our venerable broadcasters for squeezing her out of the leader’s debate. The suits claim that they benched May because, wait for it, 3 of 4 party leaders threatened to pull out of the debate if she was included. Including Jack Layton! WHAT ARE THESE GUYS SCARED OF?!?

This is some sexy democracy shit-stirring. Disappointingly, May is claiming that it’s a case of sexism from the 8 men who make the decision. That’s 87% organic horse shit. They don’t want her because she will i) split the vote ii) call them on shit they don’t want to talk about. She’s likely playing the sexism card cause it’s the easiest one to push voter buttons with. Spin spin. Sigh.

I’m writhing at the thought of a Tory majority, the chances of which almost certainly increase with even more vote splitting, but I think this conflict is very cool. Happily ensconsed ‘powers-that-be’ getting called on their shit. I think everybody should do this once every week. I also think it needs to be balanced with complimenting a ‘power-that-be’s’ on effective & authentic leadership. I am sooooo perfect.


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