Middle East Tutorial #2


'Miss Manners Guide : Part Deux'

The Hive, an advertising and marketing agency, hired me to write some funny stuff for a campaign they’re running for the CIJA, a Canadian Jewish umbrella organization.

The campaign is counter-propaganda to the now annual Israeli Apartheid Week, which happens in March at university campuses across the woild. It was pitched to me as a campaign to promote dialogue, and dial down the heated rhetoric surrounding this particular Middle-East conflict. Sounds like a reasonable objective, and I liked the project: a 30 day Facebook campaign involving a whack of creative from different sources.

I made a bunch of editor’s notes on a Wikipedia page, then did a spoof of a ‘Miss Manners’ guide in two parts. They seemed to really like my stuff; it went online pretty much as is. That is rare for the industry. I took it as a compliment to my dedication to excellence, rather than that they just didn’t have time to edit much.


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