NOW Magazine : Comedy Issue – ‘08


1st Annual Pat Thornton & Sabrina Jalees “Mugfest”

Another kooky last-minute gig with NOW Tube. Every year NOW Magazine does a Comedy Cover Issue, & this year they’re doing a massive photo shoot of the city’s top new faces in i) Stand-up ii) Improvising iii) Comedy Producing. They want a web-video to accompany the cover piece, so I’m off to Buddies in Bad Times to do something at the photo shoot.

I had about 10 minutes to come up with a concept for my video piece, so I opted to pull from the print edition’s Comedy Q&A. I always like this bit in NOW- Glen Sumi usually manages to come up with some nicely oddball questions & it gives the comedy talent a chance to make some funny in print.

Lauren Ash & Naomi Sneickus care deeply

Lauren Ash & Naomi Snieckus care deeply

The difference with my Q&A vid would be that a) The comics wouldn’t get the questions in advance b) The comics would ask each other the questions themselves. Eh? How’s that for producer smart? Hunh? Smart eh- smart producing? Fucking right it is (fucking smart producing, that is).

They told me to forget interviewing the producers (don’t they know the smartest comics become producers?) so this became a showdown between the Best Stand-up and Improv talent in Toronto (There was actually no showdown, but I felt this piece needed some drama right about now).

I did the stand-ups first (Matron!) and they were fun- mostly gay, it seemed. Hmm…
I paired them up according to whoever was standing next to each other, factored with height weight and colour contrast. Sabrina & Pat Thornton got into a cheesecake photo booth thang, and gave me my running segue for the rest of the piece (Let the talent do their talent; fucking good producing, huh?). Trevor & Dana were slow to start, but got a few thangs in.

NOW Toronto’s Top New Comedy Faces- Improv division, welterweight category

I shot the photo shoot to add some variety to the piece, and to document all this Toronto comedy talent being in the same place- priceless. Perhaps they’ll send my video to mars with Bob Derkach’s next sonata?

As you’d expect, the improvisers were much quicker on their feet with the improv Q&A. Don’t you just love girls? I just love girls- especially funny & smart girls. Don’t you just love them? The guys were okay too. I pimped David Shore into doing a ‘Monkey Toast’ cameo in Lisa & Jan’s interview (it’s so hard to get him to mention that show) and also to kiss Kerry Griffin. Bastards wouldn’t give me any tongue though- fags.

Lauren Ash & Naomi did some great riffing on who would’ve played which part in ‘Finding Nemo’ Lauren: “I would’ve been Nemo cause he has a gimpy find and I have acid reflux” Naomi: “Acid Reflux’s not a disability; it’s a choice.”

All in all it was a great gig, and with some editing notes from Mr. Know-it-all Paul Wensley, I was able to cut a fresh little number. Might be tough it excise the corporate hand-job from this one and sell it somewhere, but don’t count that option out yet…


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