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YouandMedia.com is a purveyor of fine multi-media products in Toronto.
Recent projects include:

“Live from the CenTre” is a new improvised satirical web series created by five of Toronto’s most talented improvisor/writer/actors: Rob Baker, Dale Boyer, Adam Cawley, Brian G. Smith, and Chris Earle. The series is set at a downtown “alternative” office co-op called “the CenTre”, which houses a multitude of progressive businesses and non-profits linked by a common goal: to make the world a better place.


When a CBC TV employee is downsized, he decides to invest his severance pay in a friend’s bizarre theatre production: The silent story of one man’s love for his kitchen chair.

But when a beautiful choreographer comes between the two men, the production begins to unravel. A mockumentary about love, desire, friends and furniture.

First prize winner of two different international film festivals, this 7 minute mockumentary short was also nominated for 3 Canadian Comedy Awards.

The Summit: An improvised Film – a 4 part documentary series on Improv in Toronto.

“The Summit: An Improvised Film” is the first stage of the developing documentary series titled: IMPROVISATION NATION.

A celebration of first annual ‘The Summit: Toronto’s Festival of Improv’ held at Bad Dog Theatre this past summer, this 48 minute film showcases the world of improv within the Toronto improvisation Community.

The annual ‘Summit’ Improv festival, produced by Rob Norman and Jason DeRosse, hosts exciting new improv formats and mindblowingly-good instant theatre fun.

Brian G. Smith headed up the documentary project, interviewing performers and filming every performance in the festival.

NOW Magazine – the movie,  comically chronicles the history of Toronto’s #1 weekly. The film series (9 five-minute episodes) is part documentary and part mockumentary.

The movie uses archive footage and photos, as well as interviews with some of Canadaís most interesting personalities form entertainment, politics, and social activism (including Margaret Atwood, David Miller, Ron MacLean & Jim Cuddy). The documentary traces the 25 year history of NOW.

NOW Magazine – The Movie blurs the lines between true stories of NOW’s often turbulent, always impressive history and a making-of mockumentary that chronicles the rise and fall of an ambitious stage production.

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