Second City Teen Video Class


So Kevin F at the Second City Training Centre has asked me to run a video workshop for teen students. I’ve done video classes a few times before, and know that the secret to success is minimizing the post-production for me! Previous video classes I’ve done have been to generate a ‘mockumentary‘ that everyone’s improvising/involved in. This leaves me with 40 hours of post production, which make Brian a dull boy.

So the first class is going to be i) the students just having fun in front of the camera, ii) letting them decide which parts are best and iii) editing those parts into a ‘video’. Story and cinematic technique will come later.

I want to give these kids (and me) a low-stress chance to make some media that they can put on youtube, maybe even cut into an acting demo for themselves. Teens; Oy. God grant me the serenity to accept the things


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