‘Sprout This!’ now online


Hey kids,

It’s been a busy couple of months on the You and Media video front. Two first placez in two festivalz! Both films are currently available at YOUTUBE, so click on the film title links to check em.

Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn 69 hour film challenge is a great reason to get some talent together and make a movie. We really made a good one- ‘Sprout This’ not only won first prize, but was immediately picked up to tour Canada with ‘Moving Stories’, a hoity-toity book-film tour. We’re closing that show with porn! Paul Quarrington said the movie got some good laughs in Winnipeg. And Atom.com wants to license it for their website, which is the online face of Comedy Central. Hope to sell them more stuff soon….

Then it was over to my good ole friends at Prelinger Archives to download & mashup a 1953 Sunbeam Bread TV commercial, and give ‘L’il Stevie Harper’ a spanking.  Paul Wensley helped with the  voice of the other kid, and dB Audio gave me a couple of hours to cut the thang. Another first prize awarded at the Department of Culture‘s 1st annual national video contest!

It sure is fun to make… stuff.


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