The Belly of my Beast


This is my office on Bathurst St. I renewed the lease on this little cubby hole for the winter. Just in time, cause it started to snow this afternoon. Oy!

See the turntable? How bout that south facing 5th floor view? What’s that, a SPARE desk? And a little guitar amp under the coffee station for Friday eve jams? Yes, all this and more is mine to explore. What fun!

I figure paying to work away from home (when you work by yourself 90% of the time) is an investment.

1. Productivity (make a list in the morn, transfer 50% to tomorrow’s “to-do’s” at 4 pm)

2. Professionalism (must put on pants)

3. Presentation (client meetings don’t involve laundry audio)

So I’m eating the expen- make that: INVESTMENT despite the fact that the financial world is collaps- make that: ADJUSTING to a new dynamic. Courage, my friends, we must have courage… Oy.


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