The Freedom of a 2nd Ford!


Here’s a great Torstar article advocating a “…radical reinvention of America’s domestically owned auto industry”: ‘Running out of Options.

David Olive calls the Detroit Big 3 on decades of mismanagement and deaf ears to consumers &  environmentalists.

I guess the connection between big auto, big oil and big money was too much to let go of voluntarily. But now that they’ve totally tanked, they want government money to “…finance development of fuel-efficient vehicles”. Right- can you hear the boardroom discussions now? “Hey! How bout an electric car?” “Wait, didn’t we buy that and bury it 30 years ago?”. Har har dee har. Ask your freaking stockholders for the “loans”; they sucked at that greasy teat when it was flowing so sweetly. Ew; that’s a gross metaphor.

Anywho, Olive suggests “…letting the Detroit Three reorganize under bankruptcy protection, from which several smaller, more nimble and competitive firms would emerge, no longer prisoner to Detroit’s hidebound, century-old decision-making traditions”Snap!

He then outlines how the “foreign” auto makers have been kicking Detroit ass for years, despite collusion of ‘Free-trade’ hypocrites in Fed gov’t and boardrooms to impose surcharges on imports.

Now here’s a 60 second video from the last century : ‘2 Ford Freedom‘, a deliciously sexist TV commercial from 1956. It explains how adding a 2nd car to every household will free wifey from being a “prisoner in her own home”. A novel idea at the time, TWO cars for ONE family? And so it began… (Timpani roll please).


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