Week 8 – March 30


Today’s extra cool guestinos- LIVE from the Centre for Social Innovation on BATHURST st in Torontino.

1. Adil Dhalla

My City Lives is an online platform that allows you to share your experiences with your city’s public spaces, organizations and fellow citizens using only video. These web stories live on an interactive map showcasing the locations where they were filmed so you can learn about your city based on the stories of others.

2. Naomi Tessler

Branch Out Theatre Workshops are interactive, engaging, creative and empowering theatre-based workshops

3. Tim Heerebout

Voxtropolis is the City of Voices… It is the legendary nexus of Art, Culture and Global Causes… It is…

4. Daniel Stolfi
While battling Cancer, Daniel lost his Hair, his Appetite, his Strength and his Sex Drive. The most tragic of all, he lost his ability and his desire to dance.  With comedy at its core, this one-man show uses larger than life characters to vividly portray Daniel’s experience.

your host: Ben Johnson


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